Drive-Thru Pharmacies in Dallas, TX

Dallas Drive-Thru Pharmacies

10003 Marsh Lane Dallas, TX">

# 7748

10014 Garland Road Dallas, TX">

# 7413

10306 Ferguson Road Dallas, TX">

# 7739

10666 East Northwest Highway Dallas, TX">

# 6970

108 W. Davis Street Dallas, TX">

# 10948

1235 South Buckner Boulevard Dallas, TX">

# 7664

13033 Coit Road Dallas, TX">

# 5894

14041 Noel Road Dallas, TX">

# 3900

14041 Noel Road Dallas, TX">

# 3900

150 East Illinois Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 10911

15105 Preston Road Dallas, TX">

# 5963

17410 Marsh Lane Dallas, TX">

# 7440

18081 Preston Road Dallas, TX">

# 11015

2323 West Illinois Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 6781

2350 N. Fitzhugh Ave Dallas, TX">

# 10634

2420 West Wheatland Road Dallas, TX">

# 296

2427 West Jefferson Boulevard Dallas, TX">

# 7456

2899 Forest Lane Dallas, TX">

# 7149

3012 Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX">

# 6779

3030 Sylvan Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 10910

3133 Lemmon Ave East Dallas, TX">

# 10351

3798 Forest Lane Dallas, TX">

# 7672

4202 Ross Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 4272

4207 Lemmon Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 6777

4333 West Jefferson Boulevard Dallas, TX">

# 10946

4610 Frankford Road Dallas, TX">

# 7623

4930 Maple Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 10670

Drive-Thru Pharmacies Near Me

Find a convenient drive-thru pharmacy at one of our local pharmacy locations in Dallas, TX. Our drive-thru pharmacies offer contactless pick-up and refills without leaving your vehicle. Reduce contact even more by saving your method of payment at your local CVS Pharmacy. Simply follow the signs to the drive-thru pharmacy lane, speak to the pharmacist, grab your prescriptions and medicine, and you're on your way. It's that simple.

Drive-Thru Health Items & Everyday Essentials

You can now add-on everyday items when picking up your prescription order at one of our many drive-thru pharmacy locations in Dallas, TX. Choose select health items including pain relief, skin care products, allergy relief, cold medicine, and more. Price and availability may vary by store, so call your local drive-thru pharmacy for more details regarding this convenient service.

CVS ExtraCare Health Savings

Use your ExtraBucks Rewards. Before heading to one of our drive-thru pharmacies in Dallas, TX be sure to enroll and start saving. Visit CVS ExtraCare for more information on signing up, adding family members, transfer prescriptions, and all about earning credits and health savings today!

Many of our CVS drive-thru pharmacies also offer drive-thru coronavirus testing. Call your local pharmacy to learn more about the options for the COVID-19 vaccine, COVID test, flu shots, and other vaccinations like pneumonia, shingles, and more.

Manage your prescriptions from the comfort of your home by using our mobile app. Download our pharmacy app today, for Android and iPhone, to quickly and easily fill your prescriptions for your drive-thru experience.

Learn more about our free prescription delivery and same-day delivery options by visiting