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Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack

Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack
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Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack
1 CT, 2 lbs. Item # 216468

HSA/FSA Eligible

The Bed Buddy hot and cold pack helps alleviate sore muscles, aches, and pains by providing moist heat therapy recommended by doctors. This multipurpose pack can be used as hot or cold therapy and easily adapts to the body, even when cold. Bed Buddy is easy and safe to use and contains 100% natural grains herbs and flowers. A natural substitute or compliment to over the counter treatments. Original White.

  • Moist heat therapy recommended by doctors
  • Delivers Hot and cold therapy
  • Adaptable form fitting design
  • Reusable
  • Contains 100% natural grains
  • Safe and easy, use as directed
  • Offered in 4 colors and fragrances
  • Product dimension: 1 H x 23 W x 4.25 in. D
  • Product weight: 2 lb.

Please follow included instructions. Use as directed.
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