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CVS Health Lambs Wool Padding

CVS Health Lambs Wool Padding
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CVS Health Lambs Wool Padding
.38 OZ, .06 lbs. Item # 246626

Comfort first. Provides cushioning & pain relief between toes. Cushions tender areas between toes. Relieves pressure by separating toes. Fills gap in oversized shoes. Perfect for dancer's toe shoes. Fully breathable. Made in U.S.A.

This item is FSA (Flexible Spending Account) eligible.


100% lambs wool.


1. For painful corns between toes, wrap lambs wool around unaffected toe, just forward of corn. 2. For corns on top of toes, wrap around toe and corn. 3. For corns in web of toes, place small amount between toes, forward of corn. 4. For dancers' shoes, tightly pack generous amount into toe area.


Persons with diabetes or poor circulation are advised to consult a physician before use.

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