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Drano Max Gel Clog Remover

Drano Max Gel Pro Strength Clog Remover
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Drano Max Gel Clog Remover
32 OZ, 2.54 lbs. Item # 193693
The thickened bleach formula in Drano Max Gel Clog Remover cuts right through standing water, clinging to your tough clogs to blast them fast. It works great to remove hair, soap scum, and other gunky clogs. It’s guaranteed to work the first time or your money back. Clogs happen, but with Drano you and your drains are unstoppable.


Bleach, Water, Cleaning Agent, Caustic, Corrosion Inhibitor.
  1. Pour bottle slowly into drain
  2. Allow to work for 15 minutes, or leave longer for tougher clogs
  3. Flush drain with hot water
  4. Repeat steps if necessary


DANGER: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. MAY BURN EYES, SKIN, AND MUCOUS MEMBRANES ON CONTACT. Contains sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and sodium silicate. Do not use or mix DRANO MAX GEL with any other cleaners or chemicals, as hazardous fumes or a violent reaction may result. If gases are released, leave area immediately-ventilate if possible.

FIRST AID: GIVE IMMEDIATELY. EYES: Rinse immediately with water. Remove contact lenses, then flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Drink a cup of milk or water. Do not induce vomiting. IF ON SKIN: Remove affected clothing. Flush skin with water for 15 minutes. IN ALL CASES, CALL POISON CONTROL CENTER OR PHYSICIAN.

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