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KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle Knee Walker Scooter

KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle Knee Walker Scooter
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KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle Knee Walker Scooter
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KneeRover® Deluxe KneeCycle: Deluxe Knee Scooter with Best in Class Steering

When you have an injury or surgery on your lower leg, ankle or foot and are required to be non weight bearing for a long period, the idea of being sentenced to crutches can be agonizing. While crutches provide a level of mobility, they are often very painful to the arms, unstable and limiting in what you can do.

KneeRover® has developed innovative mobility solutions that change your outcome and give you back your mobility freedom so you can get on with living your life while recovering from your injury, and have a little fun along the way.

The KneeRover® KneeCycle is the most innovative knee scooter in its class with advanced tie rod steering technology and a sleek modern design.

The KneeRover® KneeCycle offers the following features:
Best in class automotive style tie-rod steering mechanism maintains front axle width even during turns for maximum stability.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the Steerable Knee Scooter kneeling walker features four 7.5 inch non-marking rubber wheels, a comfortable 3" thick contoured knee platform that is left or right-leg compatible, and a free basket.

The Kneecycle knee scooter also features a removable front axle and handlebars with a quick folding mechanism for easy transport and storage.
Fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform, this lightweight yet sturdy knee walker offers a robust 300 lb. weight capacity and is recommended for individuals with heights 4'9" - 6'6".

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