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Pet Central Leak Proof Training Pads

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Pet Central Leak Proof Training Pads
50 EA, 4 lbs. Item # 884087
  • Ideal for puppies and dogs of all ages and breeds
  • Leak-proof design protects your floor
  • Top sheet dries quickly to keep conditions sanitary
  • Neutralizes odors to help your home stay fresh
  • Easy to dispose of with no drips to worry about
  • Value pack of 50 pads lets you stock up and save

You love everything about your dog, except maybe the messes that he or she leaves behind. Fortunately, you can easily deal with those unexpected accidents and keep your home clean and fresh with Pet Central Leak Proof Training Pads.

Simplify Paper Training

The Pet Central Leak Proof Training Pads are great for puppies that are being paper trained. You can also use the pads to line kennels at home and crates and carriers for use on the go. Older dogs with bladder control problems can also benefit from the training pads, and the pads are suitable for dogs of all breeds. With these pads, you don't have to worry about pet waste damaging your floors or having to scrub and mop up accidents.

Deal With Accidents Fast

With their innovative design, the Pet Central Leak Proof Training Pads make cleaning up pet waste a quick and easy task. Urine is quickly absorbed by the top sheet, and then the material rapidly dries. Fluid is kept locked away inside the leak-proof core of the training pads. With odor-control benefits, the pads allow your home to remain fresh. A drip-proof design lets you easily fold up the pads and throw them away. One pack provides 50 pads.


Just follow these simple and effective training steps:

  1. Begin by placing the pad-blue plastic side down-in a confined area.
  2. Place your puppy on the pad a few times to smell the pad and get used to it.
  3. If your puppy relieves itself somewhere else, bring it back to the pad immediately.
  4. Continue bringing your puppy back to the pad to reinforce that this is the place to soil.
  5. Once your puppy has learned to relieve itself in the proper place indoors, gradually move the pad closer to the door and finally outdoors to complete the training process.
  6. Dispose of soiled pad and replace with a new one as needed.

Pet Central Leak-Proof Training Pads are also perfect for dogs and puppies that must stay indoors for long periods of time. Simply follow the housebreaking directions, skipping step 5.

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Pet Central Leak Proof Training Pads

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