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CloSYS Ultra-Sensitve Mouthwash unflavored with optional flavor control, 32 OZ

CloSYS Alcohol-Free Oral Health Rinse, 32 OZ
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CloSYS Ultra-Sensitve Mouthwash unflavored with optional flavor control, 32 OZ
32 OZ, 2 lbs. Item # 859395

Do you suffer with sensitive teeth, gums or even mouth sores? Some companies don’t seem to understand that the mouth is sensitive. That's why dental professionals recommend CloSYS with Clorastan® a naturally activated antimicrobial that kills harmful bacteria, leaving the good bacteria you need for exceptional oral health, without irritating the most sensitive mouths. CloSYS Ultra-Sensitive is a highly effective oral rinse that's as gentle as using water and the only mouthwash to come unflavored, with optional flavoring. Add a little, a lot, or none at all, you're in control.

Alcohol-free • Dye-free • Triclosan-free • Sulfate-free • Gluten-free, CloSYS Ultra-Sensitive Oral Rinse provides these benefits: • Ideal for solution for sensitive mouths – naturally activated & pH balanced for sensitive and dry mouths; even soothes mouth sores. • Optimal oral health – Reduces plaque (w/brushing), great for gum health • Fresh & clean without pain & irritation – Kills germs for a noticeably cleaner and fresher mouth. CloSYS is the first mouth rinse awarded the ADA Seal for eliminating bad breath. So why use CloSYS Ultra-Sensitive? Because you can have a healthy mouth and fresh breath without the burn and irritation. "No Pain. No Stain."


Oral Rinse: water, naturally activated Cloralstan® (stabilized chlorine dioxide), trisodium phosphate, citric acid.

Optional Flavor dropper (included separately): natural mineral oil and natural peppermint.

1) Floss or water irrigate between teeth. 2) Brush teeth with CloSYS toothpaste. 3) Rinse vigorously with 1 capful for 30 seconds, gargle in throat and spit out 4) For best results: don’t eat or drink for 20 minutes after us, brush and rinse twice daily. Safe to use more often as desired.


Safe for ages 2+ with adult supervision. In rare cases taste may be temporarily affected as the mouth adjusts to the balanced pH formula. More at Flavor Control dropped is a concentrated flavoring that must be diluted in the CloSYS Oral Rinse before use. Do not swallow the flavoring by itself. Keep out of reach of children
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