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CVS Health Manuka Honey Wound Gel, 0.5 OZ

CVS Health Manuka Honey Wound Gel, 0.5 OZ
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CVS Health Manuka Honey Wound Gel, 0.5 OZ
.5 OZ, .03 lbs. Item # 716597

Contains 100% Active Manuka Honey, Natural Gelling Agents and Sodium Benzoate. Helps maintain a moist wound environment which has shown to be conducive to wound healing. Ideal for minor scalds and burns, mior cuts, lacerations and minor abrasions.


Honey, Natural Gelling Agents and Sodium Benzonate.


Remove cap from tube and reclose after each use. Apply either directly to wound or onto suitable primary dressing such as alginate, gauze pad or island dressing.  Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing.


If there are signs of infection such as fever, pain, redness, swelling, itching, increased wound drainage, increased skin irritation and changes in wound color and/or odor, consult your doctor. Not for people with a know hypersensitivity to honey. Due to the low ph balance, some people may notice slight stinging that lasts less than 5 minutes. If stinging persists, remove dressing, clean area and stop use.  Osmotic activity can draw increase fluid, which will require frequent dressing changes. 

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