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CVS Health Latex Free Rectal Syringe for Gentle Cleansing

CVS Health Latex Free Rectal Syringe for Gentle Cleansing
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CVS Health Latex Free Rectal Syringe for Gentle Cleansing
8 EA, .22 lbs. Item # 260513
8 fl oz (237 ml) capacity. For gentle cleansing. Latex-free. Detachable top. Seamless bulb. CVS Health Latex Free Rectal Syringe includes a detachable tip & seamless bulb to provide gentle cleansing. CVS Health quality. Made in Germany.

This item is FSA (Flexible Spending Account) eligible.

Flush bulb with water before each use. 1. Push pipe into bulb. 2. Squeeze bulb to expel air, submerge tip in warm water or mixed enema preparation. 3. Release pressure on bulb slowly to full. 4. Lubricate tip. 5. Positions: A) To use in bathtub, recline on side with knees drawn up; B) To use on toilet, sit on toilet and lean forward slightly. 6. Gently insert pipe into rectum up to flange only. 7. Squeeze bulb slowly to introduce solution. If cramping occurs, reduce pressure on bulb. Cleaning and Storage: 1. Detach pipe from bulb. 2. Wash components with a mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. 3. Shake rinsed components free of water and allow to air-dry thoroughly. 4. Store in a cool, dry place, away from hot surfaces and sharp instruments.


Keep out of reach of children as syringe may present a choking hazard if placed in a child's mouth. Inspect before use and discard if damaged. Fluid temperature should not exceed 98.6 degrees F. Use only plain water or commercially sold or doctor-recommended enema preparations with this product. Recommended for single user only. Inspect before each use.

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