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Gold Emblem Abound Strawberry Crisps, 1 OZ

Gold Emblem Abound Strawberry Crisps, 1 OZ
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Gold Emblem Abound Strawberry Crisps, 1 OZ
1 OZ, .13 lbs. Item # 995851

We love the sweet simplicity of fruit. One might say we're a bit obsessed with nature's candy-which is why we packed 2 cups of fruit into every bag. To achieve our perfectly light and airy Strawberry Crisps, we picked premium bananas at their peak ripeness, diced 'em up, then freeze-dried them into bite-sized crisps. Naturally sweet (no added sugar here), you'll feel guilt free as you reach for more...and more.

At Gold Emblem Abound, we believe a healthy life should be a tasty life. That's why we carefully source nutritious ingredients that satisfy your cravings, but never give up great taste. We make choosing nourishing snacks simple. Because with us. wholesome choices abound.


Freeze-dried strawberries 
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