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Singer Instant Hems 'N-Cuffs Tape

Singer Instant Hems 'N-Cuffs Tape
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Singer Instant Hems 'N-Cuffs Tape
1 EA, .06 lbs. Item # 582569
Joins fabrics together. No sewing. No ironing. 15 ft x 3/4 Inch wide. Clear double-sided bonding tape without sewing, without ironing, instantly raise, lower, alter, repair. Pants, cuffs, shirts, dresses, slacks, draperies, upholstery, craft projects and other endless applications. Made in China.
1. Turn material inside out, spread flat on firm surface. Place bottom edge of tape at desired hem line and press firmly with fingers. 2. Peel off paper from top of tape. 3. Fold material at hemline over top of tape. 4. Smooth fabric applying pressure from center outward. For best results remove tape before washing to avoid fade line.
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