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Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee, 12 OZ

Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee, 12 OZ
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Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee, 12 OZ
12 OZ, .85 lbs. Item # 313056

From our first store in Seattle's Pike Place Market to our coffee houses around the world, customers requested a freshly brewed coffee they could enjoy throughout the day. So in 2008 our master blenders and roasters created it for you, a blend so consistent and harmonious that no single characteristic dominates-or disappears. A smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees with subtly rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts, it's served fresh every day at a Starbucks near you.

The Starbucks roast

Each coffee requires a slightly different roast to reach its peak of aroma, acidity, body and flavor. We classify our coffees in three roast profiles, so finding your favorite is easy.

  • Ground
  • Seattle, USA
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Balanced, smooth and rich
  • Blonde, medium and dark
Conservation International

Proud partners in ethical coffee sourcing since 1998.

Brew great coffee. Use cold, filtered water. 2 Tablespoon (10g) coffee plus 6 OZ (180mL) Water. Store coffee in an airtight, opaque container at room temperature and use within a week of opening.

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