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Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser 12 OZ

Tecnu The Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser
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Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser 12 OZ
12 OZ, .83 lbs. Item # 492741

HSA/FSA Eligible

Removes poison oak and ivy oils that cause rash and itching. Skin; tools; clothes; pets; skunk; sap. Skin: Within a few hours of exposure to help remove poison oak and ivy oils (urushiol) before rash begins. Once the rash has started, wash with Tecnu to help remove oils on skin allowing the healing process to begin without recontamination. Tools: Urushiol oils clinging to tools and equipment can cause rash. Clean equipment with a cloth saturated with Tecnu (check an inconspicuous corner of the equipment for possible surface damage before use). Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Clothing: Saturate contaminated, unwetted clothing with Tecnu in a bucket or dishpan (first check for color fastness by testing a concealed corner of the fabric). Let soak for several minutes. Launder clothing by itself as usual with detergent and hot water. Pets: dogs, cats, horses and other furry pets can become contaminated by urushiol oil and can transfer poison oil to owners without being affected themselves. Saturate a cloth with Tecnu and wipe down the pet's coat. Then follow with a pet shampoo and water bath. If your pet is sprayed by a skunk, saturate a cloth with Tecnu and wipe down the pet's coat. Then follow with a pet shampoo and warm water rinse. Do not leave Tecnu on fur - it must be completely washed off with shampoo and water. Tree Sap/Pitch: Tecnu can be used to clean pitch, tree sap, road tar, grass stains and many other difficult to remove nuisance from skin, clothing and tools. Apply Tecnu directly and rub until the stain dissolves. Rinse off with soap and water. The Tecnu Story: Poison oak, ivy and nuclear fallout. Tecnu was developed in 1961 during the cold war by chemical engineer, Dr. Robert Smith, as an effective waterless cleanser capable of removing radioactive dust from the skin and clothing. His wife accidentally discovered that Tecnu would cleanse poison plant oils after exposure to poison oak and ivy. Tecnu has become standard-issue in first aid kits of outdoor professionals across the country. Now, you can put Tecnu to work for your family.


Deodorized Mineral Spirits, Water, Propylene Glycol, Octylphenoxy-Polyethoxyethanol, Mixed Fatty Acid Soap, Fragrance.
Before Rash Has Started: 1. Apply Tecnu to exposed unwetted skin within 2 to 8 hours after exposure to poison plants. 2. Rub vigorously 2 minutes to remove oils and other contaminants from skin. If hyper-sensitive, wash entire body with Tecnu. 3. Rinse skin clean with cool running water or wipe off with a cloth. Repeat. As Soon as Rash Appears: 1. Apply Tecnu to affected skin and surrounding areas. For best results apply to entire body. Rub in for 2 minutes, but avoid breaking skin. 2. Rinse with cool, running water to remove Tecnu and poison oils. If itching persists reapply Tecnu, then rinse in a very warm shower (not a bath). 3. Towel dry gently. Repeat as needed before retiring.


Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Should not be applied to raw or oozing areas of the skin. Do not use this product for at least 3 days after using hydrocortisone ointments on the affected area. May irritate sensitive skin. If redness, irritation or itching increases, or if infection occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. Keep out of eyes and other mucus membranes.
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