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Wahl Micro Groomsman Pro Lithium Battery Powered Ear, Nose, & Brow Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Power Lighted Detailer
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Wahl Micro Groomsman Pro Lithium Battery Powered Ear, Nose, & Brow Trimmer
1 EACH, .3 lbs. Item # 251419

Wahl's® MicroGroomsman® Pro Ear, Nose, & Brow Lithium Trimmer is designed for detail grooming of beards, side burns, necklines, goatees, mustaches, ears, nose, & eyebrows.

The included detail trimmer head is great for trimming necklines, sideburns, and eyebrows. It contains precision blades that provide great results. Attach the 2-psosition guide comb to this head for perfectly groomed eyebrows.

The rotary ear/nose trimmer head provides hygienic grooming of the ear and nose. All of the heads are removeable and rinseable for easy cleaning.

The trimmer body has a rugged comfortable rubber grip with a nice blue chrome finish that protects the trimmer when dropped and is compact in size, perfect for travel. The kit also comes with 1AAA Lithium battery.

This trimmer comes with a 3 year limited warranty and no pull, no pain guarantee.

Wahl® has been the trusted brand used by professionals® worldwide since 1919.

Kit Contents Include:

  • Battery Trimmer
  • Detail Trimmer Head
  • Rotary Trimmer Head
  • Protective Lid
  • 2 Position Eyebrow Guide
  • 1 AAA Lithium Battery
  • English/Spanish Instruction Guide


Battery Installation/Replacement:

  • 1. Holding the trimmer with the cutting head facing you, pull the aluminum casing off, toward you.
  • 2. Insert one AAA battery.
  • 3. Replace the battery compartment cover.
  • 4. To maximize battery life, turn the trimmer "OFF" immediately after each use.
  • 5. Replace the battery as soon as you notice the trimmer running slower than normal, to avoid pulling of hairs.

Installation of Trimming Heads:

  • 1. Make sure trimmer is turned "OFF".
  • 2. Turn trimmer head counterclockwise 1/4 turn and lift off.
  • 3. Place trimmer head on trimmer and turn trimmer head clockwise 1/4 turn to lock on.
  • Before Trimming: Remove the protective cap and turn the trimmer "ON" by pushing the switch up.

Cleaning Your Trimmer:

Periodically after use, turn the trimmer "OFF" and rinse cutting heads under warm, running water. For more thorough cleaning, remove the attached cutting head by turning it slightly counterclockwise. Then rinse the entire head under running water. After cleaning, replace desired cutting head by turning slightly clockwise and wipe the entire trimmer dry with a soft cloth. Always replace the protective cap before storing.



When using your electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed. Read ALL of the provided instructions and safeguards before using this appliance.

For household use only.

Our units are quality tested with hygienic fibers. Any residual fibers do not affect performance and can be brushed off.

For AA/AAA NonRechargeable Battery Units: 1. When discarding an old battery, do not throw it into fire where heat could cause it to rupture or explode. Also, do not attempt to recharge alkaline, heavy-duty, or lithium batteries in a battery charger. Remove the exhausted batteries from the appliance, and dispose properly. 2. Risk of fire and burns. Do not recharge, disassemble, or incinerate. Keep battery out of reach of children. Dispose of used batteries promptly. 3. Different types of batteries (alkaline, standard, rechargeable, etc.) or new and used batteries are not to be mixed. 4. If the appliance is to be stored unused for a long period, the batteries should be removed. 5. The battery terminals are not to be short-circuited.

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