Medication Disposal Locations in El Cerrito, CA

El Cerrito Drug Take Back

10650 San Pablo Avenue El Cerrito, CA

# 3053

  • UPS Access Point
  • Drug Disposal
  • Photo Printing

670 El Cerrito Plaza El Cerrito, CA

# 9086

  • Drug Disposal
  • Photo Printing

Drug Disposal Locations in El Cerrito, CA

Safely dispose of unused prescription medications, over-the-counter medications (OTC), and liquid medication bottles at one of our participating CVS locations in Alameda, CA. The drug take back units are conveniently located in the Pharmacy Waiting areas. Simply bring in your unneeded or expired medication and dispose medications in the unit.

Accepted Drugs & Medication

  • • Prescription Medications
  • • OTC Medications
  • • Liquid Medication Bottles

Not Accepted

  • • Illegal (Schedule 1) Drugs
  • • Needles, Syringes, Sharp Containers
  • • Aerosol cans or inhalers
  • • Chemicals
  • • Mercury-containing devices

Does CVS offer medication disposal in El Cerrito, CA

Yes, CVS does offer medication disposal in El Cerrito, CA. CVS has also partnered with local law enforcement agencies to dispose of over 1 million pounds of unneeded and expired medications from households across the U.S. When you have expired, unused, or otherwise unneeded medications, using a safe method of disposal minimizes risk for unintended use.

How do I dispose of medication in El Cerrito, CA?

First, locate a CVS Pharmacy with medication disposal services by utilizing our Store Locator. When visiting a CVS with medication disposal services, find the drug disposal kiosk located near the pharmacy, during pharmacy hours. Then, simply drop your unused medications in the safe drop off unit.

What medications can I dispose of at CVS in El Cerrito, CA

CVS Pharmacy drug disposal locations in accept both prescription and over-the-counter medications at our drug disposal kiosks. This includes liquid medications in a 4 oz. sealable bag. Try to bring all medications in their original packaging. CVS is currently unable to accept illegal drugs, needles/syringes, chemicals, medical devices or aerosols. Please call your local CVS Pharmacy directly to inquire further about accepted medications.