UPS Access Point in Dallas, Texas

Dallas UPS Access Point

10003 Marsh Lane Dallas, TX">

# 7748

10014 Garland Road Dallas, TX">

# 7413

10306 Ferguson Road Dallas, TX">

# 7739

10455 North Central Expressway Dallas, TX">

# 7740

10666 East Northwest Highway Dallas, TX">

# 6970

108 W. Davis Street Dallas, TX">

# 10948

1235 South Buckner Boulevard Dallas, TX">

# 7664

13033 Coit Road Dallas, TX">

# 5894

13033 Coit Road Dallas, TX">

# 5894

14041 Noel Road Dallas, TX">

# 3900

1411 Main Street Dallas, TX">

# 5314

150 East Illinois Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 10911

17410 Marsh Lane Dallas, TX">

# 7440

2323 West Illinois Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 6781

2350 N. Fitzhugh Ave Dallas, TX">

# 10634

2420 West Wheatland Road Dallas, TX">

# 296

2427 West Jefferson Boulevard Dallas, TX">

# 7456

2899 Forest Lane Dallas, TX">

# 7149

3798 Forest Lane Dallas, TX">

# 7672

4202 Ross Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 4272

4207 Lemmon Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 6777

4610 Frankford Road Dallas, TX">

# 7623

5050 S. Lancaster rd Dallas, TX">

# 10056

5370 West Lovers Lane Suite 31 Dallas, TX">

# 7412

5659 Lemmon Avenue Dallas, TX">

# 7742

6120 East Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX">

# 2979

6420 Gaston Ave Dallas, TX">

# 10324

UPS Access Point® in Dallas, TX

Find a UPS Access Point® at one of our convenient CVS Pharmacy locations in Dallas, TX. Our CVS and UPS Access Point locations provide convenience and flexibility. Drop off or pick up a UPS package in Dallas, TX while refilling and picking up your prescriptions. Also search and shop for everyday items like vitamins, personal care products, beauty supplies, and household and grocery items including snacks, drinks, candy, and much more.

UPS Dallas, TX Access Point® Location

Remember to have your photo ID present and on hand. In order to pick up a package at one of our Dallas, TX locations, the customer's name and address on your Government-issued ID must match the name and address on your UPS package. We will hold and secure your package for up to 7 days. Customers can also redirect their package by first signing up on UPS My Choice.

How do I drop off a UPS package at a CVS UPS Access Point®?

We accept pre-labeled, prepaid packages for 5- to 7-day ground and air delivery. Seal and attach a prepaid label to your packages at home. Find a CVS location that accepts UPS packages. Leave your packages with a CVS associate. UPS will pick up packages within 24 hours.* Track shipment and delivery through UPS.

Where can I leave my UPS package?

We accept pre-labeled, prepaid packages for 5- to 7-day ground and air delivery. Seal and attach a prepaid label to your package at home. Then, choose from one of our CVS location that accepts UPS packages. You can drop-off your pre-paid package with a CVS associate, and UPS will pick up packages. Track your delivery through UPS.

Can my UPS package be delivered to a CVS with UPS?

Yes. You'll need a UPS My Choice account. Sign in and specify which CVS location you'd like UPS to ship to as your default. You have up to 7 days, depending on store hours. Track your package to make sure it’s arrived at your CVS store location. We'll hold your package up to 7 days so you can visit when it's convenient.


Service Impacts Related to Coronavirus

UPS ACCESS POINT® location services and CVS® store hours may be impacted. If your local store is closed, call the United Parcel Service ACCESS POINT® Support line at 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®).

Visit for more details.