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CVS Health Advanced Healing Premium Bandages, Assorted Sizes

CVS Health Advanced Healing Premium Bandages, Assorted Sizes
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CVS Health Advanced Healing Premium Bandages, Assorted Sizes
6 EA, .06 lbs. Item # 959039
  • A moist environment to facilitate the healing process up to 2x faster
  • Lasts for multiple days
  • Waterproof seal
  • Faster healing with a waterproof seal
  • Great for blisters
  • CVS Pharmacist recommended

From a minor cut or scrape to mild abrasions and lacerations, use CVS Health Advanced Healing Premium Bandages, SM to help support the healing process. These bandages last for multiple days and are also an excellent choice for blisters. They feature a waterproof seal so you can use them in any environment, even while showering. Their long-lasting design helps support faster healing.

Use these convenient bandages a work, for sports, or for common cuts and scrapes that can occur at home. Each bandage is latex-free. They are individually wrapped for sterility. If you notice an opened package, discard the bandage and use a new one. The hydrocolloid construction creates a moist environment which has been clinically proven to heal a variety of wounds up to 2 times faster than dry gauze.

Add CVS Health Advanced Healing bandages to your first aid kit, medicine cabinet, or take some with you while traveling. Before applying them, clean and dry the affected area thoroughly. Gently press the bandage onto the wound area, and it may stay securely in place for multiple days. If you notice any leaking around your bandage, change it with a new one as needed. For deep cuts, serious burns, or puncture wounds, consult a physician as soon as possible.

Clean and dry the affected area before applying the bandage. The bandage may stay in place for several days. Pad absorbs small amounts of wound exudate, which may cause a white appearance. If leakage around the bandage should occur, change the bandage as needed. Remove strip by loosening edge and gently pulling strip sideways to release seal. Do not reapply after removal. Product is designed to fall off on its own.


For external use only.
Do not use if you are allergic to the dressing or any of its components.
Avoid contact with eyes or other mucous membranes.
For deep cuts, puncture wounds and burns, consult a physician.
Prices may vary from online to in store.
*Customer reviews and ratings solely reflect the views and opinions of the individual contributors and are not created or endorsed by CVS Pharmacy. Please review the product labeling and consult with your doctor with any health or medical questions.