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Gold Emblem Fair Trade Colombian Premium Ground Coffee, 12 OZ

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Gold Emblem Fair Trade Colombian Premium Ground Coffee, 12 OZ
12 OZ, .75 lbs. Item # 642874

Pour yourself a cup of smooth Gold Emblem Fair Trade Certified™ Colombian coffee with its sweet notes of honey, toasted almond, and dark chocolate covered apricot for a sip that makes an impact.

When you select premium Gold Emblem Fair Trade Certified™ coffees, you are making a choice to empower farmers and protect the environment. Your purchase impacts the livelihood and well-being of growers by helping to fund initiatives that provide them with opportunities to learn about sustainable farming as well as access to health care services, scholarship programs, and so much more. So go ahead and have a second cup. It does a world of good.

With Gold Emblem, you can turn any day into a celebration. We make sharing easy with food that's high quality and big on flavor: so bake a cake, pour a drink, or pass the snacks. Life is waiting. Dig in!

We're Gold Emblem: Our standard is delicious.


Brewing the Perfect Cup.
Use two level tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of fresh, cold water and adjust to taste.

Optimizing Freshness.
Prior to opening our Gold Emblem Fair Trade Certified™
Donut Shop Blend ground coffee, store in a cool, dark place. To maintain freshness once opened, store in an airtight container away from light and heat.
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Sale $3.99