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Pop-arazzi Exfoliating 4-In-1 Pedicure Tool (Assorted Colors)

Pop-arazzi Exfoliating 4-In-1 Pedicure Tool (Assorted Colors)
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Pop-arazzi Exfoliating 4-In-1 Pedicure Tool (Assorted Colors)
1 EA, .11 lbs. Item # 410703
The Scrub It Off 4-in-1 Pedi Tool combines the power of a metal rasp to file off tough skin, a foot brush to remove dirt and loose dead skin, and a file and pumice stone to gently exfoliate for ultimate foot softness. This tool also features a convenient ribbon loop for easy hanging.
Directions for use: Use in bath or shower while skin is softened and wet. Scrub feet and between toes with the brush. Use the metal rasp to rub away dry skin. Gently rub the pumice stone on rough patches to soften and smooth. Use the file to buff skin. Care instructions: Rinse and hang to dry. Store in a cool, dry place. Replace when worn.


For use on callused skin only. Stop if skin becomes sore or inflamed. Do not use on broken or sore skin. Not suitable for people with hemophilia, diabetes or other circulatory problems. Keep out of reach of children.
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