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V6CO Heavy Duty 5 in 1 Multi Function Seated Cane with Adjustable Height Walking Stick

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V6CO Heavy Duty 5 in 1 Multi Function Seated Cane with Adjustable Height Walking Stick

1 EA, 2.1 lbs. Item # 374634

Created with Your Safety, Comfort and Mobility in Mind

  • Fully height adjustable for comfort and convenience
  • Powerful LED lights illuminate your surroundings to prevent trips and falls
  • Tripod walking stick improves balance, stability and and confidence easy of use
  • Loud SOS alarm system detects when the cane has fallen to alert others in face of a slip, trip or fall
  • Third party tested and reinforced joints on seat and cane supporting over 350 lbs
  • Non-slip rubber feet to increase stability and prevent slips and falls
  • No Changing Batteries, comes with a USB cord for rechargeable convenience
  • Built-in FM radio for the latest news and music

 Product Description

Designed to prevent accidents while walking, this lightweight smart cane can allows you and/or a loved one convenient access to sit and rest when and where you need without searching for a nearby seat.

Whether you’re struggling with joint/back pain, low energy levels recovering from a previous injury or just need a bit of support with your balance, the V6CO 5-in-1 cane is a convenient solution that can be used around the house or on days out with your family. Enjoy the freedom and confidence to “go out” that our smart cane provides.

Product Information:

  • Materials: Grip/ABS, shaft/6061aluminum, base/TPR
  • Weight: 990 g
  • FM frequency: 76~108MHz
  • FM radio output ≥ 100 Mw
  • FM radio working time ≥ 8 hrs (fully charged)
  • Cane height: 34.65"~38.58"
  • Seat width: 9.4”
  • Seat height: 29.92"~33.86"
  • Aluminum thickness: 1.2mm
  • Data: 22~19mm
  • Seat load capacity: 400 lbs
  • Handlebar load capacity: 330 lbs
ConcernLimited mobility
FeaturesAdjustable settings
Product typeCanes



Please Review Package instructions for any questions on usage.
Do Not Exceed Stated Weight Limit

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