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CVS Health Breathable Gentle Tape (2 inches x 2.2 yards)

CVS Health Breathable Gentle Tape (2 inches x 2.2 yards)
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CVS Health Breathable Gentle Tape (2 inches x 2.2 yards)
1 EA, .07 lbs. Item # 210000

HSA/FSA Eligible

2 inches x 2.2 yards unstretched. Latex-free. Breathable. Fully flexible. Sticks to itself - not skin or hair. Pain-free removal. CVS Health Gentle Tape secures the bandage to the wound by sticking to itself, not skin or hair. When changing the bandage, gentle tape won't leave a sticky residue. The following tape widths are recommended: finger, wrist: 1 or 2 inches; ankle, foot, elbow: 2 or 3 inches; knee, leg: 3 or 4 inches. FSA eligible. CVS Health quality. Made in the USA.

This item is FSA (Flexible Spending Account) eligible.


For best results, use CVS Health first aid products, and follow the 1-2-3 treatment. Step 1 Clean: Gently clean the wound using a gauze bandage with mild soap and water. Carefully dry the affected area and apply medication if needed (not included). Step 2 Cover: Cover the wound with a non-stick or surgical bandage (not included). Step 3 Secure: Secure bandage with gentle tape. Overlap tape and press to underlying layer to hold it in place. Avoid wrapping tape too tightly, which could impair circulation. If too tight, remove and wrap again. Change your bandage daily or as instructed by a medical professional. Please recycle.

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