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CVS® now offers FREE in-store pickup!

Currently available at select stores.

414 Route 206 North, Hills Shopping Center Bedminster, NJ 07921

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Closed 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM daily for lunch

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COVID-19 Vaccines

Get vaccinated for COVID-19 today. Schedule your vaccine ahead of time so you can get out faster.

About this pharmacy & drug store

Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy

The CVS Pharmacy at 414 Route 206 South is a Bedminster pharmacy that provides easy access to household goods and quick pick-me-ups. The Route 206 South location is a go-to for first aid supplies, vitamins, cosmetics, and groceries. Its central location makes this Bedminster pharmacy a local favorite.

On top of a huge supply of healthcare, food, and other goods, the local Bedminster CVS Pharmacy offers customers impressive discounts. Register for an ExtraCare® Membership to get notifications of sales, personalized coupons, special email offers, and to start receiving ExtraCare® Rewards on some items.

Shopping at Your Nearby Bedminster CVS Pharmacy

Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy is happy to be a vital piece of the Bedminster city. We're ready to aid each and every local searching for a store to find everyday products quickly and easily. This Bedminster CVS Pharmacy is committed to keeping the people of Bedminster well by filling prescriptions and offering over-the-counter supplements at great prices.

Shop for cosmetics, personal care items, vitamins, and various other products in an easy-to-navigate store that will get your shopping done in no time. Buying the everyday items you need is a piece of cake.

Getting to Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy

This CVS Pharmacy is the spot to pick up prescription medicine and groceries in Bedminster. Buy all your weekly goods without venturing from your community. If you don't have a car or can't get a ride, no need to worry. The Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy is an easy distance from the Hills & Robertson Dr (the Hills) transit station, only 0.21 miles away. Simply pay the fare and you'll be on your way.

Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy FAQ

Does Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy have UPS drop-off?

Yes, UPS pickup and drop-off in Bedminster is available at this CVS Pharmacy. You can drop off labeled, prepaid packages and UPS will take them for delivery within 24 hours. We also keep packages sent to you for up to seven days.

What does a flu shot cost at CVS?

CVS offers free flu shots in Bedminster through Medicare Part B and to customers with medical insurance. For customers without either of those, it will cost you $94.99 for a senior dose vaccine, or $49.99 - $94.99 for a seasonal vaccine. Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy has flu shots to help you get through the season.

Does CVS take EBT?

Yes, the Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy takes the SNAP EBT card. Use your Bedminster SNAP EBT card at this store to buy food.

Does Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy develop photos?

No, the Route 206 South CVS Pharmacy doesn't develop film, but Milltown Road CVS Pharmacy, located 6 miles away, can meet your photo developing needs. Developing a disposable camera or 35mm film takes between 7 and 10 days, and developing APS, black and white film, slides, or 110 film takes approximately 3 weeks.

Pick up and drop off UPS® packages

Offering extra flexibility, convenience, and safety to all your packaging and shipment needs, our CVS store is now an active UPS Access Point. Drop-off and pick up your packages with UPS tracking available, so you can be sure it’s arrived. We’ll hold packages for up to 7 days, so you can pick them up on your schedule. For UPS package drop-offs, we accept pre-labeled, prepaid packages for 5 to 7 day ground and air delivery. UPS will collect all packages within 24 hours.

Find more UPS Access Point information for packages that may not qualify for shipment from our location.