CVS Pharmacy at 250 Broadway El Cajon, CA 92021

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Store & Photo Hours

  • M-F
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Pharmacy Hours

  • Thanksgiving Hours Closed
  • Mo Tu We Fr 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Th Closed
  • Sat 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sun 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

What services does this CVS offer?

About this Pharmacy & Drug Store


If Target is one of your favorite stores in El Cajon, then you may already use the CVS Pharmacy® inside. Either way, using the pharmacy for your prescription needs means lots of benefits, and you may not have realized what they all are. Let’s take a look.


Streamlined prescription pickup process


At our pharmacy, we want to help our customers. That means we aim to make their lives easier, and one way we do that is via the smartphone app. With a download and just a few taps, you can:


  • Check your history of prescriptions
  • Add prescriptions
  • Put in orders for refills and transfers
  • Get notified when a prescription expires soon
  • Set up automatic refills


So, if you have a habit of forgetting to renew a prescription or forgetting to pick one up, our app does the work of remembering for you.


At our pharmacy, you also have the opportunity to receive some types of immunizations and to set up a flu clinic. These clinics don’t take place inside Target. Rather, our personnel come to your workplace, assisted living center, senior living hall or community center to give flu vaccinations. In one simple move, you can cut down a lot on issues such as flu illnesses and employee absenteeism.


Skilled and knowledgeable pharmacists


You might have questions about your medications that you’re scared to ask. Perhaps you fear appearing stupid or think the pharmacists must be too busy to answer your questions.


We want you to ask! It’s important that customers understand issues such as:


  • The proper doses to take and when
  • The potential implications of skipping doses or taking too much
  • What foods to take with your medication, if any
  • Which side effects to look out for and when you should seek immediate medical attention


We also have a pill identifier tool on our website to help in case your pills get separated or you aren’t sure you are taking the right pill.


The high-quality products on our website


One great thing about using our pharmacy counter for your prescription is that you can shop at Target since you’re right there. You should check out the CVS Pharmacy® online store too. We sell assorted items such as walkers, wheelchairs, vitamins, over-the-counter medications, feminine care products and hygiene products.


What’s more, your CVS ExtraCare® rewards account applies to online purchases as well as pharmacy prescriptions. You can set up automatic orders for your favorite online products so you’re never low, and enjoy online-only deals such as free shipping and buy 1, get 1 50 percent off. Of course, if you go into a CVS Pharmacy® retail store elsewhere, you can use these ExtraCare® rewards as well.


One fun thing you can do online is upload your pictures for photo projects such as canvas prints, shower curtains and mouse pads. They’re shipped to your home, so check often for deals and flash sales, or sign up for emails.


Questions before visiting?


At our counter in Target, you should expect professional and efficient service. We’re located near Interstate 8 and are just off the San Vincente Freeway. Please call 619-402-0001 if you have questions.