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CVS Pharmacy at 30 Bellis Fair Pkwy Bellingham, WA 98226

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What services does this CVS offer?

About this Pharmacy & Drug Store


You have a lot to do, a lot to buy and a lot to see. It can be easy to overlook things, but luckily, even if you forget to update a prescription or to pick up medicine, CVS Pharmacy® has many convenient locations. In Bellingham, Washington, you can get your pharmacy needs fulfilled at the location at 30 Bellis Fair Parkway. You can also get immunizations here and enjoy what the Bellis Fair mall has to offer. (Hint: It’s a lot!)


Superb Target location


Have you ever asked, “Is there a pharmacy near me?” There could be—and much closer than you expected. For example, what is many a shopper’s favorite one-stop shop? Target, of course! It’s a great place to purchase clothing, home decor, baby gear, pet food, toiletries and much more.


Guess what? The Bellis Fair store also has a pharmacy inside to help you take care of a variety of medication and immunization needs. Even better, we’re close to Whatcom Community College, Bellingham Golf and Country Club, Cornwall Park and St. Joseph Medical Center. You can find us right off Interstate 5 and near Bakerview, Northwest and Guide Meridian roads.


We’re open seven days a week because we know that your health doesn’t follow traditional business hours, nor should it have to.


What else you can do here


Target by itself may be a treat, but how about an entire mall at your fingertips? The Bellis Fair mall boasts an array of restaurants and shops. In fact, there is a diverse mix of restaurants, where you can sit down, relax and eat, and the store selection is even more varied. There are retailers for women’s clothing, footwear, electronics, entertainment, sports and health, among others.


Also, if you enjoy mall walking, the mall opens early at 7 a.m. every day except Sunday to accommodate mall walkers.


Hours, expanded online


While our pharmacy does close, CVS Pharmacy® is always open online. You can use and the CVS Pharmacy® app to streamline your medication refills, transfers and tracking. Hey, prescription management suddenly got a lot easier.


You can use online methods to save money. Shop at, and you’ll notice deals available online only and lots of free shipping. You can also use inbox-exclusive deals, ExtraCare® rewards and your weekly ad to save money when you shop at retail CVS Pharmacy® locations. You can start customized photo projects online and have them shipped to your house or to a retail location for free pickup.


Getting in touch with our Bellis Fair Target location


We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to be in control of your health, hence our many convenient locations and expansive online and smartphone services. Of course, you may still have questions, so give the Bellis Fair pharmacy location a call at 360-756-5720.