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CVS Pharmacy at 7530 Orangethorpe Ave Buena Park, CA 90621

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About this Pharmacy & Drug Store


The Target on Orangethorpe Ave is easily accessed from exit 23B off the Artesia Freeway, Route 91 and exit 115, Beach Boulevard off the I-5. Located in the heart of Buena Park, our pharmacy counter is near Knott’s Berry Farm and the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Whether you are visiting the area, or live nearby, we are a convenient stop for all your daily needs.


Vaccinations from trained pharmacists


If you have a teen heading off to camp or college, you know that there’s a lot of preparation. Everything they’ll need for several days to several weeks must be taken into account. Target is known for its low prices on everything from towels and bedding to personal care items. Now you can update vaccinations while you are here using our walk-in clinic services. The immunization-trained pharmacists can administer CDC-recommended shots including:


  • Flu
  • Tdap
  • MMR (Measles, mumps, rubella)


Seniors 65 and older are recommended to receive:


  • High-dose flu vaccination
  • Td boosters every ten years
  • PVC 13 and PPSV23


If you or a loved one is traveling internationally, check with a medical professional for the vaccination recommended for your destination country. It takes two to six weeks for the effects of the shot to be fully active, so it is essential to plan for it. No appointment is required, but one can be scheduled if you prefer.


People are typically productive and happy when they are healthy. Prepare for cold and flu season by scheduling an on-site flu clinic at your workplace or community center. We come to you, and the only costs are for the shots and administration.


Track and manage medications


If you are a caregiver for loved ones, you know that keeping track of several medications including their expiration dates, can be a full-time job. Download the app and let us help you manage the process with our mobile prescription services. Once you have the app on your device, create a personal CVS account, add the family members who have prescriptions and enter the medicines they take. Now, you can:


  • Add or transfer scripts from other locations
  • Schedule automatic refills for up to 12-months
  • Receive texts when medications are ready for pick up
  • Set up 90-day refills on select prescriptions
  • Ask for notifications when scripts are expiring


Each time a new medication is added to the account, you can receive an email with the relevant information associated with it, such as side-effects and interactions.


Grab and go convenience


From the café to the grocery aisles, Target is an ideal way to get in, get what you need and get out. Our CVS Pharmacy® counter fits right in. Schedule a pickup on your devices, receive a text when it’s ready, then stop by to pick it up. It takes only a few minutes, and you can get several other errands done while you’re here.


Our CVS Pharmacy® counter at Target on Orangethorpe Ave in Buena Park is quickly and easily accessible from I-5 and Route 91. Our pharmacists are ready to answer your questions about prescription and non-prescription medications, their side-effects and interactions. Call us at 714-676-0014 for more information about our drug store counter services and the Target products and services available at this location.