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200 Malcolm Dr Westminster, MD 21157

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Set as myCVS store 410 848-2152

Closed 1:30-2 daily for lunch

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About this pharmacy & drug store

Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy

The CVS Pharmacy at 200 Malcolm Dr is a Westminster pharmacy that provides easy access to quick snacks and household supplies. The Malcolm Dr store is your go-to for groceries, cosmetics, first aid supplies, and vitamins. Its easy-to-access location makes this Westminster pharmacy a local fixture.

It's great to buy all the healthcare and household goods you need in one location, but it's also beneficial to get your daily necessities at a low cost. The Westminster CVS Pharmacy is your local place for discounts on the things you use often. Want to see more deals?Enroll in an ExtraCareÆ Membership and get ExtraCareÆ Rewards on qualified purchases. You will also be added to the CVS Pharmacy email list and receive special offers, personalized coupons, and sales notifications.

Saving at Your Nearby Westminster CVS Pharmacy

Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy has become an important part of the Westminster area. We are a reliable place to go for daily items that people can find and buy at their convenience. The Westminster CVS Pharmacy is here to help Westminster residents maintain their health by providing prescription refills and over-the-counter vitamins and supplements at low prices.

You can find vitamins, cosmetics, personal care items, and many other products in an easy-to-navigate store that will let you get on with the rest of your day quickly and easily. Buying the essential items you need has never been easier.

Getting to Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy

This CVS Pharmacy is the spot to pick up groceries, prescription medicine, and more in Westminster. Pick up all your day-to-day provisions without setting foot outside your immediate area. If you can't get a ride or don't have a car, no problem. The Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy is near the Target at Malcolm Dr. transit station, only 0.03 miles away. All you have to do is pay the fare and you'll be dropped off just down the street.

Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy FAQ

Is Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy a UPS Access Point?

No, the Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy is not a UPS access point, but you can pick up and drop off UPS packages at Hanover Pike CVS Pharmacy located 8 miles away.

What does a flu shot cost at CVS?

CVS offers free flu shots in Westminster to those with health insurance and through Medicare Part B. For customers without medical insurance or Medicare, you'll be charged $73.99 for a senior dose vaccine, or $40.99 - $73.99 for a seasonal vaccine. Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy offers flu shots to keep you healthy and on your feet.

Does CVS accept EBT?

EBT is not accepted at the Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy. However, Englar Road CVS Pharmacy, just 1 mile away is part of the EBT SNAP program.

Does Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy do photo developing?

No, the Malcolm Dr CVS Pharmacy doesn't do photo developing, but Englar Road CVS Pharmacy, which is 1 mile away, can meet your photo developing needs. Developing a disposable camera or 35mm film takes between 7 and 10 days, and developing slides, 110 film, black and white film, or APS takes around 3 weeks.