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Clinic Reviews in Wyandotte County, KS

Average Customer Rating for 1914 Swift Road, North Kansas City MO, 64116: 4.4 (12 Ratings)
January 28, 2023
I couldn't be happier. The provider on staff is excellent. Goes above and beyond expectations, is kind, considerate and thoughtful. I feel comfortable and reassured with her care, and wouldn't hesitate to go back to be taken care of. I know [...] would do her due diligence and provide the best methods of care that she could. I'm impressed and feel hopeful that my needs will be met when I see this provider.
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November 19, 2022
"Incredibly professional, and friendly. Would come back again and again! "
November 15, 2022
"The provider was so amazing! She was super nice and attentive - really listened to all my concerns and offered relief from an ongoing sinus infection. Loved her a lot."
November 11, 2022
"The Nurse Practitioner was very professional and attentive to my questions and medical needs. I will continue to come back to this Minute Clinic location."
October 17, 2022
"The wait to see the practitioner was too long. She was great. She needs help with entering the data she is required to enter so she can be freed up to serve her clients better. And to decrease the waiting time. I felt bad for other customers who waited inspite of an appointment."
Average Customer Rating for 5440 North West 64th Street, Kansas City MO, 64151: 4.9 (15 Ratings)
December 2, 2022
"The NP was professional and polite. She offered healthcare advice and when to seek additional services should it come to that. "
November 21, 2022
"With all the practitioners around the area retiring, I was having a hard time getting into see my primary. With Minute Clinic I was able to schedule an appointment either today or the next day. Staff was great!"
October 27, 2022
"Very satisfied "
September 29, 2022
"I went in the evening before, set up the appointment, everything was on time"
Average Customer Rating for 4990 Northeast Vivion Road, Kansas City MO, 64119: 4.6 (12 Ratings)
November 13, 2022
"My husband & I have been to this clinic before & the NP is thorough, considerate & deals with situations as they arise. So much easier to book an appointment there for us since we have issues that need all of the above and more! Thank you. "
November 1, 2022
"My NP was the best! Friendly and very thorough! "
October 20, 2022
"Great RN, very proffesional, friendly and polite. Fast, quick in and out."
Average Customer Rating for 315 West 75th Street, Kansas City MO, 64114: 4.8 (28 Ratings)
December 3, 2022
"I feel you guys provide a very knowledgeable, caring, friendly and most importantly, knowledgeable on all your needs and feelings on getting well. "
November 25, 2022
"[...] was wonderful she was personable, empathetic, and answered all my questions"
November 22, 2022
"I was extremely happy with the care I got. The nurse practitioner was so polite and took her time to attend to me. I love this client "
November 14, 2022
"Great service1 "
November 10, 2022
"NP [...] was very cool, she offered advice and vaccinations for myself and my daughters. She respected my opinion about vaccines and didnt pressure me, while still highly recommending them. She asked and answered personal questions and made us all feel very comfortable. "